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A bankruptcy case, properly prepared by an expert like Vincent E. Carlson, will send your debts through a giant shredder while putting up a giant stop sign, preventing your creditors from taking any and all collection efforts against you.  Imagine regaining control of your finances, saying goodbye to your debts, keeping your property and assets, and once again enjoying a future.

  • Too much month at the end of your money?
  • Wages being garnished?
  • Behind on your mortgage and vehicle payments?
  • Getting further and further behind?
  • Sick of creditors calling demanding money?
  • Afraid to open your mail?
  • Medical bills that you will never be able to pay off?
  • Sued by a creditor?

We can help!  Options to consider include assistance with creditor disputes and negotiation, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The vast majority of bankruptcy cases filed by individuals are Chapter 7 cases. Most individuals who file Chapter 7 are able to keep most, if not all, of their property and assets, including, but not limited to, homes, vehicles, household items, jewelry, computers, clothing, collectibles, hobby items, future wages, and future income tax refunds.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 is an option for individuals whose incomes are above the income limitations for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, for individuals who have received a Chapter 7 Discharge within the previous eight years, or for individuals who desire to get a house payment or vehicle payment caught up.  Chapter 13 allows individuals to keep property and pay for those assets over time, typically three to five years.  An affordable repayment plan will be prepared and submitted to a Chapter 13 Trustee, using disposable income for repayment of the individual's debts.  The repayment plan must be approved by the Trustee, and plan payments are usually submitted through payroll deduction.

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